Securing your Internet browsing: 10 tips for surfing the Net with complete peace of mind

Browsing the Internet is now part of the daily life of the vast majority of the population, but too many people do not yet take the measure of the risks incurred by insecure Internet browsing. So that you can avoid the most subtle forms of hacking that are now active on the net, we give you a top 10 practical tips for securing your Internet browsing.

Why should we be careful when using the Internet?

It’s very simple, the Internet has become a real benchmark for traps and scams of all kinds, due to the growing number of users which has logically led to an increase in the number of hackers. Malware is more and more sophisticated and it is not always easy to navigate in peace .

However, if you take the right steps, you will see that surfing the net will no longer be scary! Start by checking that your computer is not already hacked , then follow our recommendations to secure your internet browsing!

Thus, your private data will no longer be in danger and you will know how to use the Internet in the safest way possible .

10 solutions to secure your internet browsing

In this top 10 tips for securing your internet browsing , you will discover the right reflexes to adopt to surf the web quietly.

Use private browsing

All major Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari…) offer this feature (we tell you more about private browsing here ), which allows you to visit pages without leaving a trace . These will not be saved in your history, and neither your typed passwords nor your entered data will be saved.

To switch to hidden mode , simply open your browser menu and choose new private browsing window or simply Private on iPad and iPhone, while this mode is called Incognito on Android. A tab will open and you will then be able to visit the sites that you only want to keep for yourself!

Clear your browsing history

Deleting your browsing history prevents a stranger or a member of your entourage using your computer from consulting your sites visited , your private messages or your passwords. It is also a solution to erase cookies that allow you to be tracked! A simple way to secure your Internet browsing in one click!

To clean your history, here are  the steps to follow that we detail here.

Use a quality antivirus

Of course, when it comes to Internet browsing security, using a good Antivirus is a no-brainer. If you choose one of the best antiviruses on the market , you will be able to browse without having to worry about potential computer attacks.

Beware of advertisements

Some advertisements or pop-ups that appear on your screen have the unfortunate tendency to harbor…viruses! Sometimes pop-up ads flood your screen and you may have to deal with adware, and you have to know how to guard against it  !

Don’t hesitate to use an ad blocker to put an end to the advertising invasion that interferes with your browsing!

Choose your locations wisely!

It may seem obvious but some sites are much more recommendable than others. When you receive a security alert concerning a platform (such as this site may damage your computer ) or it seems not serious, do not go there without being protected by adequate software!

Strong passwords

Most Internet users are registered on many sites and visit their bank’s online platforms, for example. Services that require strong passwords! However, many people persist in wanting to use the same password for all their action on the Internet  ! In the event of data theft, you risk having ALL of your accounts hacked. Be warned and secure your browsing, including a good password generator.

Use an Anti-Keylogger

To capture your personal data, the most skilled hackers will install Keyloggers on your devices without your knowledge . Simply put, it’s software that will record everything you type on your keyboard. In this way, the owner of the software will have all your codes and your passwords easily (in addition to all of your private conversations).

VPNs, the security solution

Being anonymous on the Internet has become a luxury, as everything seems to be done to spy on us and follow us in all of our online actions. However, there is now software that makes it possible to secure Internet browsing by surfing anonymously: VPNs!

Thanks to them, you will be able to hide what you do online, access locally blocked content, pay less for your online purchases and download safely! We tell you more in this article dedicated to the best VPNs and their use .

Attention to confidentiality on the main social networks

Remember, when you use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter , to carefully control your privacy settings. They are too often neglected by users, who are then offended to see their images or their post taken up elsewhere… Be careful with the authorizations you give these Internet giants!

Reading the T&Cs, a waste of time?

To secure your Internet browsing, it is always good to know what each site will do with the information you register on the platform or the cookies it saves. All of this is included in the General Terms and Conditions of Use , which unfortunately we rarely take the time to read. Do it, or don’t!

Hide Online: Using a VPN Highly Recommended!

Internet is an infinite network of information to which (almost) the whole world has access. As a result, the possibilities are immense, both for good and for bad. Those who use it for education, information, work or socializing are surely more numerous than those who use the Net for malicious purposes. Unfortunately, this small number of dishonest users tarnishes the experience of all the others and we must protect ourselves against it.

But hackers are not the only ones to threaten your privacy  ! States do not hesitate to snoop and spy on what you do online. If you don’t like people intruding on your privacy (and we understand you), we recommend that you use a good VPN. There are excellent ones like Express VPN (see our review) or Cyberghost ( our test ) which offer free offers. Test them and rediscover how pleasant browsing the Internet can be!


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