Internet child protection: what you need to know

Internet child protection is essential to protect children from potential dangers while browsing the web with phone monitoring app. Despite the presence of parental control tools and filters, parents need to take extra steps to keep their children safe online.

Internet child protection is essential to protect children from potential dangers while browsing the web with phone monitor app . Despite the presence of parental control tools and filters, parents need to take extra steps to keep their children safe online.

Here’s the truth: only 15% of parents are actually aware of their children’s online activities. So how can parents ensure that their children are not exposed to inappropriate or dangerous content?

As a team of internet security experts, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you keep your kids safe while browsing the internet.

Why is Internet Parental Control so Important?

With the rise of social media and technology, children are exposed to various potential dangers online. Why install parental controls? We have researched several internet risks that you should be aware of.

  • Cyberbullying – 37% of tweens and teens have experienced cyberbullying, and 60% have witnessed it. It is bullying, harassment and intimidating behavior towards a person online.
  • Sexting – 25% of teens receive sexually explicit images online, and 14% have sent them. As a result, private photos leak on the internet and can be shared without consent.
  • Pornography – Although most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block access to pornographic sites, Internet filters are not 100% reliable. Even with an internet filter in place, it is still possible to access inappropriate content.
  • Online Predators – Over 500,000 predators lurk in internet chat rooms. Teenagers can be targeted for sexual exploitation or grooming.

Can Internet Parental Control help protect my child?

Yes ! Internet parental control software allows you to monitor and restrict your child’s Internet activity. It can prevent them from accessing adult content, limit app downloads and game purchases, and impose time limits on internet access.

By spending time adjusting the settings, you can protect your child and give them the freedom they need to explore the internet safely.

And, one last tip: not all parental control tools on the phone are created equal. Free tools are usually visible to your child, and they can find ways around them. For example, they can:

  • Open multiple internet browsers
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to Hide Location
  • Disable content filtering settings on the Internet

However, there are also great parental control tools that offer stronger security. We have tested some of these services, and they can greatly reduce the risk of Internet-related dangers.

Invisible Internet Parental Control

You want the best Internet parental control protection available. But you don’t want your child to delete it with two clicks, leaving you with zero protection.

This is where mSpy Invisible Parental Spy comes in . It’s designed to be exactly as the name suggests: impossible for your child to turn off. Stealth mode ensures that mSpy works invisibly on your child’s device, even if they try to scan it.

This small Internet child protection software is also versatile, since it allows you to monitor what your child is doing online. With mSpy, you can easily :

  • Track GPS Location
  • Block dangerous websites
  • Monitor internet activity
  • View browsing history
  • Access social media activity (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.)
  • Recover Deleted Texts and Photos
  • Receive alerts when defined words are used
  • View and download media files
  • And much more !

The best part is that you can do all of this remotely from your own device and in seconds. mSpy’s web interface gives you the ability to access data from anywhere at any time.

How to set up Parental Control?

The complexity of protecting children on the Internet with mSpy is actually quite simple. Here’s how to set parental controls:

  1. Create your personal mSpy account.
  2. Select a device type and choose the plan you need.

You can now log into your dashboard and start monitoring your kids’ internet activities. mSpy’s user-friendly interface allows you to keep tabs on internet activity without the need for technical knowledge.

Internet Parental Control: advice from experienced parents

Every parent has their own approach to Internet child protection. Here are some tips from parents who have used mSpy:

  • Configure notifications on your mSpy dashboard to be immediately alerted to inappropriate Internet content. No matter how fast you go online, notifications will help you respond to internet activity faster. I can see if my child has visited dangerous websites, even if it’s the middle of the night. – Sarah K.
  • Use keylogger tool to recover text messages. Our children are more familiar with Internet parental control technology than we are, and they can quickly delete messages that don’t match their “image”. If any part of a conversation looks suspicious to me, I go to the Keylogger tab and see all deleted messages. – Bill J.
  • Block dangerous websites and apps on the internet. I always check my son’s browser history with mSpy, and if anything looks wrong, I immediately block those websites. For him, it looks like he just can’t access some pages. – Maria P.


Internet child protection is an essential aspect of raising children in the digital age. mSpy is an effective parental control solution. You can set limits on internet usage, block unwanted and inappropriate websites, and monitor your children’s internet activity wherever they are. Try it today and see how it helps you keep your kids safe online.


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